Saturday, March 21, 2009

God Only Knows....

Of all the phrases and attitudes that have been attributed to us Indians, be it the ‘chalta hai’, ‘Jugad kar le’ or “Swalpa adjust maadi”, the one I like best is “God only knows…”

Did you do your exams well?
God only knows….
Will your son get married this year?
God only knows....
So, you’re moving out of Pune this April?
God only knows...
Will the electricity come back on by evening?
God only knows...
Will your daughter get admission into this school?
God only knows...

Point to be noted that in all the above circumstances God has little or no influence in the matter.

But it’s comforting to think that someone up there is concerned about our trials however insignificant and KNOWS what is going to happen. If not me, at least someone knows the events that will unfold…it’s the uncertainty that is killing us. The ‘not knowing’ what’s going to happen.

Scientists say the world is in peril today. They say they KNOW that the ocean levels have risen, that animals are going extinct, and that the earth is getting warmer. It’s not Myth anymore. They KNOW…which means you and I now have to live in the light of this knowledge.

It’s tough to live with such truth, you say. It’s not easy, I agree. But it doesn’t have to be all grim.

In my experience, all the things that we have cherished and enjoyed we have always preserved. Whether its our first born’s baby photos, that first jersey we wore on our holiday abroad, photographs of grandmas home, our sons wedding invite, our childs first scribble on paper, grandpas last letter to us, the first video of our daughter walking, our first home, ........the list is endless.

So that’s the trick. In all this doomsday speak, don’t forget to enjoy the earth!! Let life be a celebration! Enjoy the fruit you eat and give thanks for it. Be grateful for the water, the rain, the heat and the breeze. Look at the sky every evening and marvel at the sunset. Walk in your lawn and say thank you to the grass. Say hello to the pigeons that visit your window sill. Laugh at that street dog that barks at every vehicle that drives into your road, as if he were protecting his own! In Summer, don’t curse the heat and wait for winter. In winter, don’t say you ache for sunshine.

It works like magic and I say this with experience. As you acknowledge these tiny miracles in your life, habits and attitudes automatically change. Human beings rarely hurt that which they love.

So is it true, is the earth really going to end?
God knows that you know the answer to this one.....


  1. excellent article... this should definitely find its way to print so more people can enjoy it...

  2. Hey...this article is sooo true. Agree with you completely. In fact, it is times like these when we learn to actually see the everyday things that truly give happiness.

  3. wow ! you are truly inspired - and inspiring !

  4. wow!super article

  5. Thank you for the breather. I promise to smile tomorrow. Lots of love from the girl you think is all melancholy. :D

  6. Hi Nandini..........

    The last line of your article is really to be note.......Humans dont hurt which they love...its true...........there should be a connection....between us and that like we get hurt......or we smile....laugh....cry......we too will start feeling their someone had said to me u can say ur feelings to the plants and they will nod in response...thats true i dont know i have experienced it......GOD KNOWS......anyways good article.....Keep writing...........