Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Summer to Remember

Walking beneath a canopy of magnificent magenta bougainvillea, a child-like excitement in our eyes. The flowers and leaves, once ruffled by the breeze, rearranging themselves carelessly, so oblivious of their beauty.

Watching a frisky elephant calf shower itself with mud and hay and then run aimlessly around its mother.

Counting the hairpin curves as we drove up the hill to Ooty, my son gaping at the Blue mountains and suddenly realizing why they were called the "Nilgiris"!

Taking a train ride from Ooty to Coonoor, sticking our necks outside the window; my daughter shrieking with delight as the cool crisp air hit her face.

Bright blue flowers that stood upright and almost seemed to stare back at us.

The monkey that crossed our path, looked askance at us and strangely looked so familiar!

Vibrant red Gulmohur trees in full bloom that almost took our breath away.

Gorgeously laid out buffets that tempted us time and again.

My strict parents who suddenly changed hats and became the most obedient grandparents.

A reunion with friends after a decade, laughter and girlish chatter as if nothing had changed.

Sleeping in "my" room again and the silent relief that I still knew which exact switch turned the reading light on.

This sure has been a Summer to remember......