Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our Green Mantra Campaign

Green mantra is underway and has been greeted with an amazing response! A big thank you to all my creative and hard working students who gave in their best. Out T shirts, bags, calendars, bookmarks and jewelry sparked much interest and at the end of the day all the hard work was worth it.
Making the environment trendy and putting it on sale was the last thing on our agenda. But our idealism soon vanished once we realized that unless we create a BUZZ, nothing ever gets noticed. Let alone a humble grocery bag!!
I thank all my friends who came in for the event and greatly value their words of appreciation. We now embark on our “plastic-bag free” neighbourhood programme. Please feel free to write in with your ideas/suggestions and whether you would like to start a similar campaign for your neighborhood.
I am posting pictures of our t shirts, bags and other merchandise. If any of it interests you, please write in to gulmohardays@gmail.com

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